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What issues should be paid attention to when continuously drawing steel bars with a wire drawing machine

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The steel bar wire drawing machine can be divided into single pass wire drawing and multi pass wire drawing in terms of processing methods. According to the reduction amount of steel bars, a suitable steel bar wire drawing machine can be selected for processing. The single pass wire drawing machine is mainly designed for large-diameter steel bars, usually with a diameter greater than 10mm. It can be used for single pass wire drawing. The optional equipment is a 650 horizontal steel bar wire drawing machine, a 750 horizontal steel bar wire drawing machine, and an inverted wire drawing machine, with a maximum reduction of 2mm in one pass.
The general processing diameter range of multi-pass wire drawing machine for steel bars is 6.5-10mm. The smaller the diameter of steel bars, the greater their toughness, and the more winding passes they can have. Therefore, 6.5-10mm steel bars are suitable for multi-pass wire drawing. The optional equipment includes 500 horizontal steel bar drawing machines, two gang steel bar drawing machines, four gang can steel bar drawing machines, and four gang rolling steel bar drawing machines. The more passes the steel bar is pulled, the tensile strength of the steel bar will increase. When the tensile force reaches a certain value, it will break. In the continuous wire drawing production of the steel bar drawing machine, if there is a wire break, it will affect the output and increase costs. Therefore, in continuous wire drawing production, attention should be paid to the following issues to reduce the probability of wire breakage.
1. Two rounds of drawing, the reduction amount of the first and second rounds should not differ too much, usually 70 or 80 threads. In the case of sharing a motor, it is necessary to accurately calculate the diameter of the drawing drum of the steel wire drawing machine to ensure a reasonable match between the two line speeds, so that there will be no phenomenon of wire breakage or pulling;
2. If it is a four connected can steel wire drawing machine, from a diameter of 6.5mm to 4.0mm, the reduction amount for each pass is evenly distributed, and the reduction amount for the first two passes is greater than the reduction amount for the last two passes. Due to the same motor speed of the four wire drawing machines, the speed of each machine needs to be changed through the belt pulley of the reducer, or a frequency converter can be installed to change the speed. The ultimate goal is for the latter line speed to be greater than the previous line speed. There is no phenomenon of wire breakage;
3. The application of wire drawing machines is also very important. If the wire drawing powder box lacks wire drawing powder, the resistance increases when drawing steel bars, and wire breakage may also occur. Therefore, selecting high-quality wire drawing powder is crucial;

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