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How to Use Cold Rolling Mill and Wire Take-up Mill Together

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As a commonly used rolling equipment, the cold rolling mill can roll different specifications and shapes. The rolled products include threaded steel bars, flat steel, spiral blades, shaped steel, etc. After rolling out the finished products, the collection of the finished products can also be divided into two types. One is for straightening and cutting, and the other is for winding. The winding and straight strip should be based on the customer's needs, as well as the characteristics of the product. Some can be wound, while others can only be cut into straight strips.
Today, we will introduce how to roll the coil after being rolled by a cold rolling mill. To roll up, the first step is to choose a suitable wire winding machine, such as a two rib cold rolling mill and a flat steel cold rolling mill. For these two types of cold rolling mills, after rolling out the product, usually a one ton or two ton wire winding machine is selected. Due to the fast speed of the cold rolling mill, the time required to fully collect a plate of finished products is about half an hour. If a small and heavy coiling mill is used, it will take about ten minutes to close a plate. Therefore, after closing a plate, the machine needs to be shut down and replaced with a new coiling plate. This reciprocating operation not only wastes manpower, but also increases power consumption. Therefore, choosing a one ton or two ton winding machine for winding is an ideal choice.
After selecting the take-up machine, it is necessary to determine the operating speed of the cold rolling mill and the take-up machine. The output speed of the last cold rolling mill should be consistent with the winding speed of the winding machine. Only by maintaining the same speed can the equipment run smoothly. When the speed of the cold rolling mill is faster than the speed of the take-up machine, the finished product is prone to backlog, resulting in uneven closing; When the speed of the cold rolling mill is less than the speed of the take-up machine, it will cause an increase in the load of the take-up machine, and in severe cases, it will damage the motor. To achieve consistent speed between the cold rolling mill and the take-up machine, it can be achieved through a control system. The control system of the cold rolling mill is PLC variable frequency control, and the speed of each cold rolling mill can be adjusted through PLC. The take-up machine is equipped with a torque motor, and the speed of the torque motor can also be achieved through a speed controller. When the speeds of both devices are adjustable, the speed that can be achieved by both devices can be selected as the standard speed. During operation, start the front cold rolling mill first, and then slowly start the take-up machine after the finished product is produced. When there is no accumulation or pulling phenomenon in front of the take-up machine, adjust the speed of the two equipment to the standard speed to maintain normal operation of the equipment.

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