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How to choose the take-up frame for an inverted wire drawing machine

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The wire winding frame of the inverted wire drawing machine is used for the winding work after wire drawing. The inverted wire drawing machine is a device that integrates drawing and wire winding, which not only reduces the process but also reduces the floor area. Inverted wire drawing machines can be divided into various models based on the size of the drawing drum, including 600, 800, 1000, 1200, etc. The range of raw materials processed by different models of inverted wire drawing machines also varies. Generally, the larger the diameter of the drum, the greater the power of the motor equipped, and the larger the range of raw materials processed. The take-up frame of an inverted wire drawing machine is proportional to the wire drawing drum, and the larger the drum, the larger the diameter of the take-up frame.
There are two types of take-up frames for inverted wire drawing machines: active and passive. The active take-up frame is driven by an electric motor, and the speed of the take-up frame is consistent with the speed of the wire drawing drum. The steel bars fall into the take-up frame and rotate together with the frame. The steel bars rotate on the take-up frame from inside out and from low to high, and the collected steel bars are arranged in a staggered manner, making it convenient for wire laying operations with the steel bars. The passive take-up frame is not driven by a motor, but is fixed on a rotating disc. Two follower arms are lowered from the wire drawing drum to fix the inverted take-up frame on it. The wire drawing drum rotates, and the take-up frame rotates accordingly.
Both active and passive inverted take-up racks have their own advantages. The active type is driven by a motor and is equipped with a frequency converter. When the diameter of the take-up reel decreases, the speed of the take-up rack can be changed through the frequency converter to accelerate the take-up speed of the reel and make the diameter of the steel bar reel smaller. Conversely, it becomes larger, so that the tension inside and outside of the take-up reel is consistent and convenient for wire laying. The passive pay-off rack works with the wire drawing drum, resulting in lower equipment costs. When the take-up reel becomes loose or too tight, workers need to manually move it.

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