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How to adjust the speed of the steel wire winding machine

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The steel wire winding machine is used for collecting cold drawn wire and is usually used in conjunction with other equipment, placed in the final process. The finished product processed by a wire drawing machine or a cold rolling machine is finally closed, bundled, and stored using a steel wire winding machine. The steel wire winding machine and other equipment should be used together to form a production line with consistent speed matching. The speed of the winding machine should be faster than the previous one, and there should be enough tension to make the harvested disc firm and compact.
A conventional steel wire winding machine consists of a machine body, a winding disc, a wire arranger, and a control system. The motor is a torque motor with high torque and adjustable speed, and the appropriate torque motor is selected according to the different closing weights. The torque motor of the steel wire winding machine is connected by a variable speed controller. When the wire winding machine first rotates, the speed is adjusted to the minimum, and then slowly accelerates until the speed increases to be close to the output speed of the previous process. At this time, the steel wire can be seen to be tense. The wire arrangement device of the steel wire winding machine is used to organize the steel bars, so that the steel bars are evenly wrapped layer by layer on the winding wheel. The speed of the wire winding device and the speed of the I-shaped wheel should match well. The speed ratio should be adjusted to the appropriate parameters through sprocket and chain transmission in the middle. Finally, the wire winding wheel should rotate once, and the wire winding device should just go from one side of the wire winding wheel to the other.
During operation, the steel wire winding machine should match the running speed of other equipment, such as flat steel mills, steel wire drawing machines, etc. The finished products produced must use the steel wire winding machine. The speed of the steel wire winding machine should be slightly faster than the speed of the previous equipment, so that the steel bars are in a tight state between the two equipment. This way, the steel bars will be tightly wound on the I-shaped wheel, arranged in an orderly manner, and convenient for subsequent bundling work. When the steel wire winding machine is started, the speed is at its lowest. Slowly rotate the knob on the torque controller to increase the speed. When the steel wire reaches tension, stop adjusting and observe the operation for a few minutes. If the current does not exceed the standard, it can continue to operate; If the current is overloaded, the speed can be appropriately reduced. The steel wire winding machine is controlled by a torque controller for speed regulation, making it convenient and easy to operate.

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