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How to Make the Takeup Tighter with an Inverted Wire Drawing Machine

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After drawing, the inverted wire drawing machine can take up the wire at the bottom. Generally, the steel bars drawn by the inverted wire drawing machine can be folded into a two ton disc. The inverted wire drawing and winding process can save more processing time and also save space. The take-up of an inverted wire drawing machine is different from that of an I-shaped wheel take-up machine. This type of take-up involves the automatic dropping of steel bars, and the diameter of the drawing disc on top is equal to that of the falling disc. And the H-wheel winding machine is used to wind up the coil through a wire arrangement device under tension, and the resulting coils are arranged neatly. The diameter of the take-up reel of the inverted wire drawing machine is about 1000mm, which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the wire drawing reel. This advantage can make the wire drop smoother and avoid the phenomenon of jamming.
To make the winding of an inverted wire drawing machine tighter, a motor needs to be installed at the bottom to change the winding speed through variable frequency control. When the equipment is running, the operator should carefully observe. At the beginning of the winding, the winding speed should be appropriately increased to make the speed of the closing trolley faster than the speed of the wire drawing disc. This way, the steel bars will be wound around the inner circle of the closing trolley for winding. When the inner circle is wound to a certain position, the speed of the closing trolley is reduced by the frequency converter, and the steel bar falls naturally without being pulled by the closing trolley, falling on the outer circle of the closing trolley. Operate in sequence, and the final collected steel plate is tight and solid.

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