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How to choose the motor for the take-up machine

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As a winding equipment for metal wire, the wire winding machine is widely used. From a material perspective, steel bars Q235, Q195, copper wire, aluminum wire, alloy wire, cored wire, and so on can all be rolled using a winding machine. The take-up can be divided into electrical part and mechanical part. The electrical part also includes the control system and power part. The control system, as the control center of the take-up, is used to operate the start stop and speed regulation of the take-up. The power part is to provide continuous power for the take-up. The mechanical part consists of a winding drum and a base.
The types and models of take-up machines are different, and the electric motors equipped are also different. There are three commonly used types: three-phase asynchronous motors, variable frequency motors, and torque motors. A common H-wheel winding machine with a closing weight of less than two tons can choose a torque motor, which is also the most suitable motor for winding. It has a large torque and when the resistance reaches a certain value, the motor will reduce the speed to ensure a certain torque and keep the winding tight. A three-phase asynchronous motor can be used in a winding machine with a weight of over one ton, in combination with a reducer, and the winding speed remains consistent before and after.
The winding machine can also use a variable frequency motor, which is commonly used to collect metal wires with smaller diameters. During the winding process, variable speed is required to achieve the goal of neat winding. Usually equipped with a frequency converter, set certain parameters, and when reaching a certain range, the frequency will automatically change to change the speed of the take-up machine. Therefore, the type of motor chosen for the wire winding machine depends on the weight of the wire winding and the material of the metal wire.

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