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Installation position and usage process of inverted wire drawing machine

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Before installing the vertical wire drawing machine, it is necessary to select an appropriate position, and then select the equipment to place on a stable ground, and then install it effectively according to its instructions. First, according to the foundation holes of the machine base, use appropriate Wall plug to fix it on the pre laid cement foundation to fix it. Afterwards, check whether the equipment can maintain a stable state and whether all auxiliary equipment is complete.
When tightening the equipment of an inverted wire drawing machine, it is necessary to pay effective attention to adjusting the position of the main machine. During operation, ensure that the center of the drum and the rotation center of the trolley are in the same position. When using the machine, it is also important to note that when adjusting the main machine, it is important to ensure that the trolley can move smoothly in both forward and backward directions. In addition, it is also necessary to connect the electrical wiring of the equipment reasonably according to the requirements of electricity consumption, ensuring that there is no leakage or short circuit phenomenon.
Some precautions during the use of an inverted wire drawing machine
During the heating process of wire drawing, there is a problem that involves controlling the temperature of the drawing liquid within what range is reasonable. Normally, the temperature of the wire drawing solution is controlled within the range of 65-85 ° C. Of course, in actual work, adjustments need to be made based on the actual situation. As we all know, after heating, the wire drawing liquid usually emits hot air in the wire drawing box.
Under normal circumstances, users of an inverted wire drawing machine need to pay attention to the issue of controlling the height of the drawing liquid below the center of the tower wheel shaft during operation. In addition, the pH of the wire drawing oil used in the wire drawing machine should also be controlled within a reasonable range. Otherwise, if it is too high, it may cause the copper wire to turn red and also cause damage to the equipment, reducing its lifespan. Also, I would like to suggest to all users that if the job requires drawing some particularly fine metal wire, attention should be paid to the slow start of the wire drawing machine equipment, and then slowly accelerate to prevent the problem of wire breakage.

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