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The operation requirements and daily maintenance of wire drawing machine

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The operating requirements of the wire drawing machine
1. The drawing machine should carefully read the drawings and technical information before processing, so as to avoid batch scrapping or waste.
2. During the wire drawing machine processing operation, the drawing direction, the drawing surface and the correct selection of the drawing belt should be carefully determined according to the technical requirements.
3. Gloves should be worn during the whole process of processing, and attention should be paid to the protection of the surface of the workpiece to prevent scratches and damage to the surface of the workpiece to cause waste.
4. The wire drawing machine directly draws the workpiece without cleaning
5. The finished workpiece should be handled with care, and layered protective packaging should be carried out to avoid damage to the surface of the workpiece.
6. Clean the recycling waste bin in time to ensure the normal operation of the fan.
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