Big Coil Galvanized Take-Up, Pay-Off Machine Series

At present we have five main series of product:Wet drawing machine:LT250-550 reverse or no-reverse wet drawing machine.Dry drawing machine:LW350-560 block drawing machine:LZ350-600 straight drawing machine:LD 1/900-600 verticaI drawing machine.take up and pay 0ff:Φ 165-Φ 1400 spooler take up-pay off.coiler:SLl65-265:SGl65-1150 vertial、horizontal coiler or spooler iake up.

Product Description

Big coil galvanized take-up, pay-off machine series

1 Usage:Mainly used in galvanizing steel wire winding

2 single wire and single hole


Main technical paramaters

Take-up specifications

Reel diameter


DV value

Φ0.8-3.6mm; Φ5-8.5mm

Φ350-550mm; 1400mm

Traction motor:1.5-3KW; Take-up:3-4KW




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