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Brief intorduction to the company Located in the YangZi river delta where economy、technology、communication develope rapidly,Nanjing machinery CO.Ltd is a morden company specialised in metal working equipment.She is adjacent to Jiangyin Bridge in the north closed with Huning、Xicheng expressway in the east,enjoying easy

About us

transporating of land and water. Nanjing Co.Ltd was eastablished in 1958, With forty or more years experience of machinery processing and producing.We have rich technical resources,complete sets of equipment and perfect checking means.Nanjing is a good provider of metalworking equipment in the field. "ImpoSing,digesting,absorbing and creating"is our principle of product developing.We improve our technology and expand variety in recent years to meet the need of our consumer.At present we have five main series of product:Wet drawing machine:LT250-550 reverse or no-reverse wet drawing machine.Dry drawing machine:LW350-560 block drawing machine:LZ350-600 straight drawing machine:LD 1/900-600 verticaI drawing machine.take up and pay 0ff:Φ 165-Φ 1400 spooler take up-pay off.coiler:SLl65-265:SGl65-1150 vertial、horizontal coiler or spooler iake up.

Auxiliary equipment:ST255 rereeler,SGWl95 strander,SGN255/7 strander、WL315 out wire winder、production Iine of rod wire pretreatment,etc.We developed advanced technology of speed-control by frequency conversion and PLC pro- gramme:technology of tension-stabilization and ajustable.Function of Autochecking and man—machine conversation.

Our equipment were widely used to produce ferrous,non-ferrous wire weding wire、tyre wire、stainless steel wire and cord wire. We take"make our product from better to best.renovate our technolofly ceaseless"as our impulse resource,we seek multiplicity of product to meet need of our consumer.we ensure OUr product's quality by top-ranking technology and perfect system of serve. Do our best to catch up with the footstep of the world in the field of metal working industry.